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The dangers of Nerf wars

The dangers of Nerf wars

As the weather gets warmer, the game Nerf Wars or Nerf Assassins becomes popular among students. Nerf Wars involves forming teams and then "killing" opposing team members with Nerf guns. The winning team receives a cash prize awarded from entry fees, motivating students to play. 

In some instances, it’s been reported that students use cars to block other teens; jump on moving vehicles; or crawl into homes, garages and/or on roofs without the homeowner's permission. 

These games have also been played at night, with teens running around in the dark "shooting" at each other with Nerf guns that sometimes resemble real guns. 

Students across the state have been injured, involved in car accidents or killed as a result of participating in the game. If your student is engaging in this activity, please talk with them about the potential danger and consequences of participating in Nerf Wars. Some of these actions may be illegal and could result in criminal charges.