Robbinsdale Area Schools

Drop-Off Procedures

Zachary Lane Traffic Pattern

Student safety is our number one priority at Zachary Lane, especially when it comes to before- and after- school transportation. For everyone’s safety, commercial buses and parent/guardian cars use two different entrances to keep our traffic pattern moving effectively. The front entrance of the school is used for school  buses and mini-buses. The south entrance is our parent drive-through and is used for student drop-off at 7:35 a.m. and student pick-up at 2:05 p.m. Important: 7:20-7:55 a.m. and 1:45-2:15 p.m. are protected times in our parking lot. We respectfully request that no cars enter or move through the lot or bus loops, so that we can provide a safe transition period with the buses on and off school grounds.

The following information gives a more detailed account of our procedures and should help as our families think about the flow of students on and off school grounds. 

BUSING (Students who ride the bus within the ZL attendance area)
7:35 AM Bus Drop-off at the Front Entrance: An adult will instruct the students to get off the bus.
Students will enter the building respectfully and responsibly and go directly to their classrooms, except
those eating breakfast in the cafeteria. 

2:05 PM Bus Loading: Buses will be dismissed beginning at 2:05. Bus lines will walk quietly and in an orderly fashion as they exit the building to load the bus. 

For safety, security and liability reasons, students may ride ONLY the bus assigned to them. They may
not ride on a classmate’s bus before or after school. Please make other transportation arrangements.

(Students dropped off and picked up by car using the south driveway/entrance)

7:35 AM Drop-off Door: School doors open promptly at 7:35 a.m. Students are not to line up or enter the building in advance for supervision reasons. Students should be prepared to exit their vehicles on the curb side when their cars are in the unloading zone. Please unload and pull out as quickly as possible. There is no passing allowed in the drive-through, as this creates a very unsafe situation. *Note: Students eating breakfast may go directly to the cafeteria.

2:05 PM Pick-up Door: Students will line up behind the white lines marked on the sidewalk and watch respectfully and responsibly for their adult drivers to pull into the loading zone area noted on the map. If a child is not ready, the driver will be asked to exit and circle around the drive-through again. Drivers are to stay in the car and passengers must load on the curbside for safety. Cars may not pass one another. Please load and move on as quickly as safety permits.

WALKERS (Note the change in dismissal procedure for crossing Zachary Lane)

Students & parents who walk to or from school OR parents who park in the Zachary Lane Playfield parking lot and walk students across the street to or from school. 

7:35 AM Arrival: Walkers will use front entrance noted on the map. Children are not allowed into the school until 7:35 a.m. for supervision reasons.

2:05 PM Dismissal: 

--Students being picked up by the Plymouth playfields will line up in the hallway by the front entrance and be dismissed with an adult and safety patrols accompanying them to the crosswalk area. Patrols will help guide students safely if they need to cross the street in the p.m.  

--Students who walk home to the neighborhood on the north side of the building will line up with min-bus students and can follow the walking path unaccompanied. Students are not to walk through the parking lot and must use the sidewalk/grass area to connect with the city path at the north end of the building. 

Small buses/vans for special need students, daycare programs, etc.

7:35 AM Drop-off: Students will enter the Adventure Club/gym door.

2:05 PM Pick-Up: Students will line up in the hall by the Adventure Club/gym exit door. A staff member will instruct the students when to load the van/mini bus. 

Adventure Club, Chess Club, Targeted Services, Young Rembrandts art classes, etc.

2:05 PM: Students will be brought to their designated areas to line up with other students who participate. 

ZLE Traffic Pattern